What Are The Best Marketing Podcasts in 2020?

Dear future/ up & coming podcasters and podcast listeners, are you starting a new podcast or a new business, and you are looking for a source that you can rely on to learn the latest and most effective marketing techniques? Then listening to the best marketing podcasts is the way to go!

But, what are the best marketing podcasts that you should listen to in 2020?

Here is a list of some of the best marketing podcasts that you could listen to learn about content marketing networking, affiliate marketing, and so much more:

  1. The GaryVee Audio Experience
  2. Marketing Over Coffee
  3. Copyblogger FM
  4. Entrepreneur on Fire
  5. The Marketing School Podcast
  6. Content and Conversations
  7. Marketing O’clock
  8. Exposure Ninja
  9. Everyone Hates Marketers
  10. The Smart Passive Income

To learn more about these podcasts and figure out which ones are going to benefit you best, make sure that you continue reading thing blog post.

Whether it is affiliate marketing podcasts, content marketing podcasts, network marketing podcasts, or marketing podcasts, you will find what you are looking for.

What are the best marketing podcasts in 2020?

Podcast no. one: The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience Podcast

Topics that are discussed: Marketing, network marketing, entrepreneurship, business mindset

Host(s): Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, is a prevalent figure in the digital marketing space. He is one of my favorite content creators that I go to for marketing, business, and entrepreneurship tips and advice.

The GaryVee Audio Experience podcast format is so unique and untraditional because every episode is different. Sometimes, the episode is a snippet of Gary’s keynote speeches. Other times, we get a snippet #AskGaryVee or his daily vlogging videos (DailyVee).

An #AskGaryVee podcast episode is great because he will be talking to other experts and answering questions related to marketing, entrepreneurship, and business mindset.

Podcast no. two: Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee

Topics that are discussed: Marketing, entrepreneurship, business mindset

Host(s): John Wall and Christopher Penn

Marketing over Coffee is a podcast where marketing meets technology. This is a marketing podcast where the hosts, John and Christopher, use and observe data to understand and approach the current latest marketing topics and trends.

There are two different types of episodes that are made on this podcast: Interviews and topics of the week. If you want to listen to the hosts talk about the hottest marketing topics, then listen to their topics of the week episodes.

The interview episodes are also great because they interview marketers and entrepreneurs. One of the most notable guests they have had is Simon Sinek, who is a motivational speaker and the author of Start With Why.

Podcast no. three: Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM

Topics that are discussed: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, and Freelance Writing

Host(s): Sonia Simone

If you have been interested in marketing for a while now, you must have seen the name Copyblogger pop up a lot because they tend to give fantastic advice that helps others create great online content.

One man, Brian Clark, founded the Copyblogger blog. However, this blog has now evolved into a profitable company because of the blog’s copywriting services.

It is no surprise that Copyblogger has further expanded its content into the podcasting world, where the podcast is hosted by the chief content officer and the co-founder, Sonia Simone. Copyblogger FM is a weekly show.

Every week, a cast of rotating experts analyze content marketing, copywriting, conversion optimization, mindset, and email marketing.

Podcast no. four: Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire

Topics that are discussed: Entrepreneurship, marketing, and affiliate marketing

Host(s): John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur on Fire is yet another source that I always find myself going to for marketing and entrepreneurship advice and tips.

Did you know that Entrepreneur on Fire was deservingly awarded the title of “Best of iTunes” for its daily interview-format show?

The host, John Lee Dumas, is a Puerto Rico-based American author and entrepreneur who runs this highly successful podcast.

What makes John so unique is the fact that he ends up generating seven figures every year, mostly from Entrepreneur on Fire, and that he shows his earnings every month on his website. John’s transparency game is on point!

In every episode, John interviews a new successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur to get from them the inside scoop regarding their success.

Podcast no. five: The Marketing School Podcast

The Marketing School Podcast

Topics that are discussed: Digital Marketing

Host(s): Neil Patel and Eric Siu

If you have been into digital marketing for a while, especially when it comes to SEO, then you must have seen Neil Patel’s name pop up often!

If you want to learn about digital marketing, but you have a tight schedule, then do not worry. Neil Patel and Eric Siu are here to the rescue with their bite-sized digital marketing podcast episodes that are only ten minutes long!

This way, you can learn a lot about digital marketing while you are commuting to work or while you are drinking your morning coffee.

Podcast no. six: Content and Conversations

Content and Conversations

Topics that are discussed: Content marketing, SEO, Reddit marketing, and email outreach

Host(s): Ross Hudgens

Content and Conversations is a real-life example of video content that was repurposed for the blooming podcasting world.


Ross Hudgens, who is the founder of Siege Media, recorded the conversations he had with popular and well-established industry practitioners and uploaded these conversations to Siege Media’s YouTube Channel.

Now, he has repurposed these videos and converted them to audio files for his podcast, which is a smart move.

Ross spends a lot of time researching and choosing the guests that he interviews in person. He keeps it diverse by interviewing both professionals and newcomers.

Podcast no. seven: Marketing O’clock

Marketing O'clock

Topics that are discussed: Online marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media

Host(s): Jessica Budde and Greg Finn

Marketing O’ Clock is am entertaining weekly news podcast. This might be the most fun way for you to stay up to date with the latest digital marketing related news.


Well, the hosts, Jessica and Greg, are very entertaining. By the way, both of the hosts are actually marketing practitioners. This means that their episodes are going to bring us so much value, real value!

They have been recently releasing episodes where they interview guests about their journeys, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, then you can listen to these specific episodes every month on the first Tuesday.

Podcast no. eight: Exposure Ninja

Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast

Topics that are discussed: SEO, digital marketing, Ecommerce, PR, and web design

Host(s): Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Like CopyBlogger, Exposure Ninja first started as a website, but when their customers mentioned how much they loved podcasts, they decided to launch their own podcast in 2016. Again, a smart move, but that is expected from a company that teaches digital marketing.

What makes Exposure Ninja so unique is that Tim Cameron-Kitchen, who is the host of the podcast, says that they will only interview people who have actually achieved great results by using a particular digital marketing strategy.

This could include marketing managers, business owners, and even Exposure Ninja team members.

By doing that, Exposure Ninja ensures that they are bringing to their listeners real value because they only interview guests who share have actually achieved success by following a specific strategy.

Podcast no. nine: Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers

Topics that are discussed: Marketing, social media, content marketing, and SEO

Host(s): Louis Grenier

Everyone Hates Marketers is a podcast that was created because of the two events that Louis Grenier, who is the host of the podcast, organized for bootstrapped companies a few years ago.

The people enjoyed the interview format, so Louis decided to start interviewing marketers, entrepreneurs, and founders remotely! After Louis had a couple of interviews secured, he made the smart decision of starting the podcast.

In his podcast, Louis mostly focuses on evergreen topics. Evergreen topics include the following:

  1. Brand positioning
  2. Customer research
  3. Market orientation
  4. Marketing strategy

Everyone Hates Marketers is a weekly podcast, where a new episode is released every Tuesday where Louis interviews a new guest. What makes this marketing podcast stand out is that Louis believes that Everyone Hates Marketers is a very actionable podcast.


Many marketing podcasts only talk about marketing in a very shallow way, covering mostly the generic marketing terms without diving in-depth and discussing everything in detail. However, that is not what the Everyone Hates Marketing podcast is about.

In Everyone Hates Marketers, Louis likes to focus on and bring real value that is going to actually help his listeners solve their marketing and SEO challenges that they face in their businesses.

Podcast no. ten: The Smart Passive Income

The Smart Passive Income

Topics that are discussed: Marketing and Business

Host(s): Pat Flynn

If you have been following this blog for a while, then you know how much I love Pat Flynn’s content and his Smart Passive Income podcast. The Smart Passive Income podcast is unique and valuable because it covers a diverse range of topics that are related to digital and affiliate marketing.

Things that Pat discusses in his podcast include the following:

  1. Using marketing automation
  2. Outsourcing
  3. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) best practices
  4. Using social media in affiliate marketing 
  5. How to build brand authority?
  6. How to build trust with your target audience?

We can consider Pat Flynn to be a passive income king because he manages to make a six-figure annual income by only working a couple of hours every week during that year. Similarly to Entrepreneur on Fire, Pat Flynn shares his income reports with us on his website.

Other questions related to what are the best marketing podcasts in 2020

How can I grow my podcast?

There are many reasons why business owners should start a podcast. Here are eleven different ways of how podcasts can benefit them:

  1. Audio seems to be Google’s next favorite content format
  2. Podcasts tend to have a high convertibility rate
  3. Podcasts are currently trendy
  4. Podcasting allows you to have an extra stream of income
  5. Podcasts are less competitive than YouTube 
  6. It is a content format that is easier to stay consistent with
  7. Podcasts help you improve your communication skills
  8. Podcasts help you spread brand awareness
  9. It aids in building and nurturing a good relationship with your audience
  10. Having a podcast helps you build authority
  11. Podcasting creates excellent networking opportunities

To learn about these eleven reasons and ways that you can use to grow your podcast, make sure that you check out my 11 Ways Podcasts Can Help You Grow Your Business blog post.

That’s it for today’s post. You should now know that ten of the best marketing podcasts are the following:

  1. The GaryVee Audio Experience
  2. Marketing Over Coffee
  3. Copyblogger FM
  4. Entrepreneur on Fire
  5. The Marketing School Podcast
  6. Content and Conversations
  7. Marketing O’clock
  8. Exposure Ninja
  9. Everyone Hates Marketers
  10. The Smart Passive Income

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