Podcasts Vs. YouTube: Which Platform to Start With?

Podcasting and YouTubing are two platforms that are currently flourishing on the internet. They both allow you to connect and interact with people from all around the world, giving you a huge platform to share your ideas and messages with anyone who clicks on your episode or video.

But should you start a podcast or a YouTube channel? The answer to that mostly relies on what do you plan on doing with your platform. If you are going to engage with your audience throughout storytelling and giving information that doesn’t require accompanied visuals, then starting a podcast is the way to go. 

If the thing you want to discuss topics that hugely relies on visuals, then YouTube is the way to go. 

Of course, there are more things to consider, so if you are trying to figure out which platform you should start with, then continue reading this blog post.


Should you start with a podcast or a channel on YouTube?

 Before you choose a platform to start spreading your message on, you need to figure out what you’re going to share with the world. Depending on what you choose, you’ll be able to figure out which platform is the best for you to start broadcasting yourself with.

I’m saying “to start with” because I personally believe that later on, you should be using and utilizing both of these platforms. However, it’s better if you just start with one platform at first, learn all the skill it requires and tries to master them before starting another platform as well.

For example, if you start the podcast and do that for let’s say a couple of months or a year, then you’re going to become really good at editing audio and speaking to your audience in a very charismatic voice. This is going to help you connect with the audience with just your voice.

Later on, when you move to run both, a podcast and a YouTub channel, you will already be capable of speaking charismatically to people. This is a skill that is going to be an important factor in capturing their attention, along with the visuals you use, of course.

Now that you have the speaking charismatically and audio editing mastered ( because of your podcast, you now have fewer skills to learn compared to how much you would have had if you started with YouTube first.

Now, you are going to skills like setting up the light equipment, being comfortable in front of the camera, and editing video footage. 

Also, when you start transitioning from having just a podcast to having a podcast and a YouTube channel, you’ll already have an audience that you can redirect to your YouTube channel.

This is true if you do it vice versed. However, you can have content up on your YouTube channel faster if you already have a podcast. It easier to convert audio content to video content, and more challenging to do if you go about this the other way around.

Converting video to audio is more challenging because you have to be careful while doing it. If you heavily relied on visuals while filming videos, and keep on urging the audience to look at something, the person listening to the audio format of that video will feel disconnected.

Why? Because the podcast episode doesn’t feel like it was created, especially for the person listening to it. You keep on asking them to look at things when they are literally listening to an audio file.

Whether you choose to start a podcast or a YouTube channel mostly depends on the topic you are going to discuss. If these topics would be great for both platforms, then starting with a podcast is the way to in my opinion.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be a lifestyle guru, then you obviously go for YouTube because you’ll be showing people your life. 


Perks of starting a podcast 

There’s no denying that each of these platforms has its own pros and cons. Today I’ll be focusing on the cons, the three C’s, of podcasting. They are:

  1. Competition 
  2. Creation 
  3. Consumption.
Should you start with a podcast or a channel on YouTube?

Let’s start discussing the competition that exists on both platforms. YouTube is a more competitive platform than podcasting because YouTube has more content creators than what podcasting platforms have.

YouTube has more than half a billion channels, while podcasting platforms have about 650 thousand content creators. This means that you will have less competition for your niche on podcasting platforms than YouTube.

Now, I’m not saying that YouTube is too competitive, so you shouldn’t try joining that platform. I am just saying that when starting ou,t it’s easier to start in a smaller area than a larger area.

Think of all of the YouTubers who had their start on Vine and Musically (Tik-Tok)- these are platforms that are smaller than YouTube. A lot of them now have very successful YouTube channels.

Should you start with a podcast or a channel on YouTube?

As I mentioned earlier, creating a podcast is a bit easier than creating a YouTube channel because you have you’re going to work on fewer skills and use less equipment.

If you need help with choosing some pieces of equipment for your podcast, then feel free to check out my recommendations for podcasting equipment.

When you start a podcast, you don’t have to worry about editing videos or even setting up the filming area. You just have to focus on being charismatic when you speak and editing the recorded audio properly.

Of course, you have to research your ideas and have interesting things to say about your topic, but I’m not going to talk about that, yet!

Should you start with a podcast or a channel on YouTube?

The last C I’m going to talk about is consumption. Now, YouTube is an enormous platform! As I said, there are over half a billion channels on it. But, did you know that on average, people watch about five minutes of a video?

However, podcast listeners tend to listen to about 80 to 90% of an episode, and some episodes tend to be one to two hours long. This means that you have a longer duration to send your message clearly and build a strong connection with your audience.

Podcast listeners are often more committed to finishing a podcast because they usually listen to podcasts while jogging, commuting or working out.

If you want to read more about the three C’s, then check out my Podcasts vs. Youtube: What’s the Difference? blog post.


The perks of having her YouTube channel

I’m not going to go into much detail about the perks of having a YouTube channel because like I said previously, this is a podcasting blog. However, I am not going to lie; there are some fantastic perks to having a YouTube channel.

That is why I recommend having both, but not at the same time. However, as I said before, it’s easier and better to start with a podcast first. But, let’s talk about the perks of having a YouTube channel.

I like using acronyms, and the one I have created for the pros of Youtube is REF! R stands for Reach, E stands for engagement, and F stands for Findability. 

Should you start with a podcast or a channel on YouTube?

Let us start with your Reachability on a YouTube channel. With YouTube, one can easily share your video with anyone with just one click via email, WhatsApp, and even iMessages! 

It is super easy to do, and you can do it right away. On podcasting platforms, things tend to be a bit more complicated and not as easy as it is on YouTube.

YouTube also offers better Engagement than podcasting platforms. How? Well, on a YouTube video, people can write a comment, thumbs up the video which signals to YouTube that people are enjoying your content, and allows viewers to chat with you when you go live on YouTube! 

You can’t have live chats with your audience on podcasts. You audience can leave you reviews or send you messages via SMS or email that could be read in future episodes, but they don’t get that direct interaction with your via podcasts. YouTube definitely wins this round.

Should you start with a podcast or a channel on YouTube?

Finally, let us talk about the Findability perk! Did you know that YouTube is considered to be the second-largest SE ( Search Engine)?. This means that there is something called Algorithms that helps users find videos that they might be interested in form creators that they don’t follow.

That doesn’t exist on Podcasting platforms; at least not as good as it is on YouTube.

Also, since YouTube is a search engine, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) can improve your video’s ranking. Unfortunately, there isn’t much SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) that can be done in podcasting platforms other than using the right keywords in an episode’s title.

Let us look at an example of very unique things that YouTube does to introduce viewers to new creators.

Let us say that someone is watching a video about how to make a coffee, and you have a video on how to make a Starbucks frappuccino at home for a dollar.

If the Algorithm is in your favor, then YouTube might put the thumbnail of your video after that video ends. Because YouTube is basically recommending your video to people who are already looking for coffee recipes, you might end up gaining some views and new subscribers.


Thinking out loud about the Podcasts vs. YouTube dilemma

This is going to make your move to the next platform so much faster and efficient than just staring in both platforms at the same time.

Now I know that this is a blog is dedicated to podcasting, so I’m not going to lie. I’m definitely a bit biased because I myself am researching how to start a podcast.

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I like to do my research before I start anything. However, I also intend on starting a are YouTube channel later on, but for now, I want to start with a podcast and here’s why.

First of all, the amount of skills needed to start a podcast is away less than that of YouTube. So, by starting with a podcast, I will be able to master the three to four skills needed for podcasting. By learning that, I will be able to improve a few of the essential skills required to have a successful platform.

With only a couple of skills being required to create something, I am going to be able to learn, improve, and even master theses skills faster and more efficiently. Why? Because I am going to have more time to spend on each skill.

I know that when one starts a new project, they’re not going to be very good at the majority of skills the skills required for that project. So having fewer skills to work on and improve at a time is going to give one more room to master them.

Then, by the time I am ready to move from just doing podcasts to doing podcasts and YouTube, I am going to have already some of the skills needed for a YouTube channel.

You see, running a podcast or a Youtube channel share some of the same skills. This means that I am going to focus on fewer skills now that I have already mastered the ones both platforms have in common.


Other questions related to starting a podcast or a YouTube channel

What is the average CPM for podcasts?

The average CPM range, which stands for cost per one thousand views, for podcasts is from eighteen dollars to twenty-five dollars ( $18-$25).

What is the average CPM for YouTube?

The average CPM range, which stands for cost per one thousand views, for YouTube depends on many factors- like which countries are viewing your channel. The true CPM could range somewhere from a twenty-five cents to six dollars and a half ( $0.25 to $6.50).

What’s the Difference between a podcasting platform and YouTube?

A podcast is a platform that enables you to share your message to an audience through audio, while YouTube is a platform that enables you to share your message to an audience through both audio and video.

To learn more about that, check out my Podcasts vs. Youtube: What’s the Difference blog post.


That’s it for today’s post. You should now know why other people and I recommend starting with podcast if the niche you are going into isn’t dependent on displaying visuals.

If you have any questions regarding Podcasts and YouTube, then feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

What do you plan on talking about in your upcoming podcast/ YouTube channel? I am considering something from the following:

  • Books and Tv shows reviews
  • Zero waste and sustainability 
  • Writing
  • Health and Nutrition

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