Podcasts vs. Youtube: What’s the Difference?

To podcast or to youtube, that is the question. In a world where the name of social media platforms have turned into verbs and careers, the number of ways someone could earn a living through has increased exponentially.

But what is the difference between podcasting and YouTubing? A podcast is a platform where you can share your message to the world through audio, while YouTube is a platform where you can share your message through both audio and video.

However, that is just the most basic way to describe those platforms. For example, a podcast could also be visual and get posted on Youtube. But, we are only scratching the surface with these differences, so let us dive in and explore the differences between these amazing platforms in more detail.

P.S: A Podcasting platform is not considered to be a social media platform.

What is the major difference between Podcasts and YouTube?

The significant difference between Podcasts and YouTube videos is the format of the content being published. If you have a podcast, then you are sharing your message to the world through the audio format.

If you have a YouTube channel, then you are sharing your message to the world through the video format, which usually appeals to two of your senses- audio and visuals.

Some people might think that YouTube sounds like a better choice because they will be hitting two birds- two senses instead of one- with one stone ( one platform), but this isn’t wholly true.

Podcasts vs. YouTube: What's the difference?

Yes, you are hitting two birds, but not with a single stone. You see, the amount of time and energy you are going to spend creating and publishing a single YouTube video is a lot more than what you would typically spend on recording and posting a podcast episode.

Great visuals mean having great lighting set up, being well dressed while filming, and spending an enormous time editing the video.

Even if you aren’t planning on having any visual effects, which you should because this is what is going to boost your engagement with your audience, it is still going to take you a lot of time.

But more perks come at a higher price, which is both time and money to spend on equipment and software. However, we’re not focusing on the only aspect today because one should always start with things that they already have at home or stuff that is super affordable.

Are visuals more effective than just audio? A lot of the times, the answer is yes. Visuals are capable of making your audience trust and engage with you more.

However, if you are not willing to put so much work and effort into your video visuals and you are going just to sit down and talk to the camera without much editing or charisma, then people might end up clicking away right away.

If you are willing to spend the time filming and editing the video, then you will genuinely be reaping the additional benefits that YouTube has over Podcasts. However, it is not a “hitting two birds with a stone” situation.

Also, Podcasts have some perks over YouTube, which is what I am going to be discussing next! I am going to speak about the three C’s that make the podcasting platform thrive!

Let us talk about the competition

There is no denying that Youtube is the second largest search engine, but does that mean that it is all pros and no cons?

Competition is the perfect example that showcases how more doesn’t mean better. For instance, YouTube is a social media platform that has more than half a billion channels on it. This means that the competition on this social media platform is very high. 

Podcasts vs. YouTube: What's the difference?

On the other hand, we have about six hundred thousand (600K+) podcasts in the podcasting world, which makes it a less competitive social media platform.

Yes, this means that you have a smaller audience to share your message with. However, this also means that you have more chances of being discovered. Let me give you a simple example.

Let’s say you are thinking of starting a channel on YouTube or Show on a Podcasting platform. Let us also assume that your niche is going to be financing. Which platforms do you think is going to give you a higher probability of getting discovered?

Of course, there are so many other factors that play a massive role in whether you get discovered or not.

However, we’re only speaking right now about the probability of getting discovered- assuming that everyone is getting the same chance- and being seen. So, which platform is going to give you a higher possibility of being seen and discovered by users. 

The answer is, of course, the platform that has less competition. This means that podcasting platforms have less competition, and that is an excellent pro point to keep in mind.

Let us talk about the content consumption

Because of the different natures of the content published on both of those platforms, the consumption varies greatly as well.

The reason why consumption greatly varies from YouTube videos to podcast episodes is that you’re basically targeting two different demographics.

No, I don’t mean people’s age, gender, or even nationalities. Nope, I’m talking about how they’re consuming the content that you are sharing.

Is the format of the content you are sharing requires other people to sit down and watch on a screen ( watching a YouTube video)? Or, can people listen to your content while walking down the street?

You might be wondering why how people consume the content affects the consumption statistics from one platform to another.

Well, here us the thing. When someone is listening to a podcast, they could be doing that while walking their dog, working out at the gym, commuting to work or school, cleaning the house, taking a shower, and so much more.

The number of things that you could be doing well, listening to podcasts is truly endless. This means that whoever is going to listen to the podcast is going to consume more content because they’re multitasking.

They’re not just listening to your podcast; they are also doing something else that is also productive as well. 

Productive people like Amy Landino usually believe that multitasking makes you less productive unless you are listening to audiobooks or podcasts while working out, walking, commuting, and cleaning.

Did you know that people who listen to podcasts listen on average to eighty to nighty percent ( 80-90% )of the total episode length? That is so much time to explain and send your message through to your listeners thoroughly.

On the other hand, the average YouTube watcher typically watches five minutes of most videos. The average length of a video is ten minutes, which means that people watch on average, fifty percent of your video. This gives podcasts a massive advantage over YouTube videos!

What about the creation process?

Like I have previously mentioned, I will discuss all of these points in even more details in the near future. For now, though, I just want to give you a simple overview.

Let us talk about the creation process because as I have hinted at the beginning of this blog post, it varies significantly according to the medium and format that you plan to publish your content on.

If you are going to start a YouTube channel, you have to be prepared to do a lot of work. I am not insinuating that podcasting is an easy thing to do; it merely has fewer steps when it comes to production and costs less to make.

To make a great looking video ( which is not what you should strive for while starting your YouTube channel) then you are going to need a good camera, light equipment, a video editing software, and microphone.

Setting up your filming space might take a while, and editing the video might take you a couple of days to finish.

To release podcast episodes regularly, all you need is a microphone, an audio editor, your laptop, and wifi! You don’t have to get dressed up for the camera or set up the lights in the perfect way to begin filming. Most importantly, though, you don’t have to spend hours editing your video.

If you need help with choosing some pieces of equipment for your podcast, then feel free to check out my recommendations for podcasting equipment.

Other questions related to Podcasts vs. YouTube

Which platform is more trendy these days, Podcasts platforms or YouTube?

There is no doubt that YouTube is definitely growing bigger and bigger every day. However, Podcasts seem to be trendier. Gary Vee is highly recommending that businesses start podcasting shows. I will talk more about that in future blog posts.

Which platform should I start with, Podcasts or YouTube?

I might be biased since this is podcasting blog; however, it all depends on why you want to start on one of these platforms. If you want something that is more convenient and you don’t have much spare time to spend on editing, then podcasting is the way to go!

That’s it for today’s post. You should now know what some of the differences between the YouTube and Podcasts are. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic or would like to read something specific on my blog, then feel free to share that with me in the comments section down below!

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  3. The GaryVee Audio Experience

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