How to Write An Effective Podcast Intro

Dear future/ up and coming podcasters, introductions are a writer’s or a speaker’s first golden chance of capturing the attention of the readers or listeners, so it is no surprise that the same rules apply when we write an excellent podcast intro. 

You want your introduction to capture your new listener’s attention, so how can you write an effective podcast intro? Writing an effective intro isn’t hard at all. You have to keep it short, simple, and to the point. You should introduce yourself, your co-hosts, what your podcast is about, and what you are going to discuss during the episode.

I will be discussing the elements of an effective podcast Intro, observing the intro’s of my favorite podcasts, and suggesting intro templates, so make sure you stick around to learn about how you can write an effective podcast.

How to write an effective podcast intro?

Before we talk about how you can write an effective podcast intro, let us understand what an intro is. A podcast’s intro, or opening, is how one starts their podcast. The intro must be written in a way that is mostly directed towards new listeners.

How to write an effective podcast intro?

It serves as a quick way to introduce the people to what your podcast is about, who you and your co-hosts are, and what this episode is going to be about. Podcast openings usually have some music to help people get into the mood of listening to the podcast.

Our brain loves drawing connections, especially when it comes to our senses of sight, smell, and hearing. So when someone listens to your podcast a few times, they will connect the music you play during the into with the cover art of the podcast and the topics that you discuss.

These connections of the senses elevate the listener’s experience. If they really enjoy listening to your podcast, which is probably the case since they keep on downloading or streaming your new episodes, then they will in a better state of mind once they hear your intro’s music!

In a nutshell, mixing brevity, clarity, music, and necessary information about your podcast, yourself, and your episode is the way to go to write an effective podcast intro/ opening.

What are the four elements of writing an effective podcast intro?

There are four elements that must exist in your podcast’s opening.

A podcast intro/ opening should talk about what its topic is engagingly.

Introductions and openings are like pitcher’s first pitch; from it, you should understand what the podcast is about quickly.

The first pitch is nothing but a trigger that allows the audience to engage with the unraveling events that will fully uncover the topic you are discussing in details.

How to write an effective podcast intro?

So kill that urge you sometimes get; the one that makes you want to rush and share the complete information in the introduction. Instead, focus on creating the perfect domino effect that is going to excite your audience and keep them on their toes.

The opening should introduce your audience to the topic to get them prepared for what is yet to come. Intros are to appetizers, and the following segments are to the main course meal.

An Appetizer is an essential dish cause it preps a person appetite to handle a more significant and a heavier meal.

Be careful not to stray too far away from the topic that you’re introducing. Make everything you say in the podcast’s intro be valuable and sweet to persuade your audience to continue listening to your podcast instead of clicking away.

If you engage them from the start, then they are more likely to subscribe and return for your future episodes.

A podcast intro/ opening should be brief

No one likes a long introduction. Have you ever had to sit and listen to a presentation where the presenter introduces themselves and the topic they are going to discuss for ten minutes straight or more? Cause I did, and that is such a buzz killer.

Those presentations, workshops, or audiobooks usually have an excellent title that hints about how amazing and beneficial the content is going to be, but the long intro just shatters any anticipation I had.

I am more likely to not focus on what is being presented, or I just DNF ( did not finish) the book because I feel like the content creator is wasting my time.

That why I understand the importance of this element because I have been the audience, and I am here to tell you that an extended intro is such a turnoff and very frustrating.

But how longs should a podcast intro be?

It is often best if your podcast’s opening is less than thirty seconds. Brevity is king when it comes to introductions, so keep it short, to the point, and seat, so people don’t click away.

Many podcast listeners only judge the episode and your entire podcast based on the first fifteen seconds (15 sec) the listen, which could be your entire opening or just a part of it.

So, brevity and simplicity when it comes to delivering the core of your podcast, episode, and identity are all things that your podcast’s intro should have.

Playing some tunes could help amp up the atmosphere and get people excited to listen to what you have to say. However, don’t overdo it. It could be a bit awkward if you keep the music playing for too long.

Besides, you don’t want to eat much time from the fifteen seconds (15 sec) window. You still want some time to introduce yourself, the podcast, and the episode briefly.

Speaking of music, let us discuss that element in more details because of it is actually very important.

A podcast intro/ opening should have some catchy tunes and a beautiful voiceover that is hard to forget.

Do you ever why wonder why tv shows have amazing intros that are usually under thirty seconds? First, so they could attract first time watchers because the people can get mesmerized by the theme of the show thanks to great footage and catchy theme song.

The second is because the intro is something that the decimated watchers are going to watch every time an episodes air. Unless you only watch your shows on Netflix and not cable tv. Anyway, an intro is not something that you can overlook.

To give it a pep in its step, add some catchy tunes that match the theme of your podcast. One TV show that nails this is Pretty Little Lies. The show might not be the best, but the theme song is basically the show in a nutshell.

In the podcasting world, the music that plays at the beginning, during, and by the end of a Happier with Gretchen episode is upbeat and happy. That is perfect because it beautifully camouflages to the theme of the podcast, which is about how to become happier in your life.

Music isn’t the only thing that can elevate the quality of your podcast. Your voice plays a huge role in that as well. You see, these content-based platforms like podcasts, Youtube, and blog post often succeed when the creator is capable of breaking the ice and connecting with their audience.

You can successfully form a personal connection with your audience by staring the podcast by being genuine and authentic while recording the opening segment. The tone you speak with makes a massive difference with what effect it has on the audience.

You don’t believe me? Let us talk about successful businesswomen who purposefully change the way they speak. Now, I am not implying that this is what you should do. I am just showcasing how the way you speak could influence your audience and make you have a closer connection with them.

The three women I want you to look if somehow you were aware that they are faking their tone of voice.

How to write an effective podcast intro?
  1. Paris Hilton: She has admitted in recent years that her voice is fake. She basically created a persona with her voice, which allowed her to excel in her career. She is such a savvy businesswoman, and I bet she inspired other people to do the same thing.
  2. Kim Kardashian: Kim also is renowned for her calm and breathy voice, which makes her come across as such a sweet person. Everyone who meets her seems to be so starstruck by he kindness and sweetness.
  3. Elizabeth Holmes: Elizabeth was the CEO of Theranos company the somehow managed to cell people fake dreams with devices that don’t work. It is surprising how she managed to convince so many influential people to help fund her failing project without much evidence. 

Elizabeth often spoke in a deep, baritone voice, which might be one of the factors why she was able to reach such an authoritative place with a product that doesn’t even work.

Again, I am not encouraging that you start manipulating people. I am showcasing how powerful the tone of voice you record a podcast episode with is.

It might be difficult at first, but choosing a niche or topic for your podcast that you actually like is important. Why? Your genuine curiosity and interest in the topics that you are going to discuss will be heard in the tone of voice that you speak with

So, don’t forget to spend enough time researching some music that is going to suit the type of topics you discuss in your podcast and speak in an engaging way.

A podcast intro/ opening should induce and build-up the excitement for its listeners

This one basically sums up all of the previously mentioned elements. What happens you mix up engaging music, a great voiceover, brevity, and valuable information?

You create a compelling opening for your podcast that will capture your audience’s attention and make them continue listening after the fifteen seconds (15 sec) window.

Whether your podcast’s purpose is to entertain, help them improve their lifestyle, or teach them something important, you will always need this mixture of elements to have a fantastic intro that is going to get them hooked.

Remember not to dive in headfirst. Instead, give your audience enough information to understand what is going on, but not so much to leave them anticipating what you are going to discuss next.

What are the six things that you should include in your podcast’s intro?

Here are the six things that you should keep in mind while writing down the intro/ opening to your podcast. Some of these things are to seem obvious, but I wanted you to have a single resource that you can create a template from effortlessly.

How to write an effective podcast intro?

Please note that these are not listed in any particular order. These are just things that should be included ( most of them at least) in your podcast’s intro/ opening.

The name of the hosts

It is really important to introduce yourself, your co-hosts if you have any, and your guests if you have any. Since you are talking directly to the audience, it is better if you avoid saying, ” My name is …”. Instead, feel liberated to say ” I” as in ” I am …”.

The name of the podcast

They might have read the title and have seen your cover art, but some people listen to a podcast while driving and someone could have your podcast queued in their list. This means that after the episodes that are placed above you played, yours is going to play next.

And that is just one of the reasons why you should always mention the name of your podcast in its intro/ opening. Sometimes, that is the only safe way for the reader to know what they are currently listening to.

The title of the episode

The title of the episode hints what the episode is going to be about. Again, one might argue why this should be mentioned if it is written next to, on top of, or below the cover art of the podcast.

Again, the same scenario I have mentioned in ” The name of the podcast” applies here as well. Just because a person is listening to your podcast, it doesn’t mean that they have clicked explicitly on it to listen to it.

So please, mention the title of your episode in the intro.

Explain what the podcast is about 

Not everyone who tunes in to listen to your podcast knows about you and what you excel at. You might be the best selling self-development author, so your podcast must be about self-help, right?

Well, yeah; however, just because you are the best selling author, it doesn’t mean that everyone knows who you are and what you do.

That is why it is essential to mention the purpose of the podcast that you are hosting. It doesn’t have to be very descriptive; in fact, it should not information denied at all.

Just come up with a tagline that sums up what this podcast you are hosting about! Give your new audience a glance at what your podcast’s purpose is.

Using music, tunes, and sound effects

Music is one of the crucial elements that I have discussed earlier in this blog post, so of course, I am bringing it up again right now. However, you have to make sure that the music that you are using is not copyright.

You definitely can’t use a song that is on Billboard top 200, or anything that is copyrighted. I will be doing a post on where you can get music that is not copyrighted soon, so stay tuned for that blog post.

(Optional) Mention the episode number

Now, this is not as important as the other things that we have mentioned, but I highly recommend that you say it to make you listener’s experience better.

This might seem like an unnecessary thing, but what if you had a sponsor on your episode, and the person listening to the podcast forgot what the name of the site is and what’s the promo code.

If you mention the episode number, then they will be able to easily reach your show notes to find all of the information that they need there.

Mentioning the episode number in the intro is not crucial, but it is still crucial so just squeeze it in!

That’s it for today’s post. You should now know how to write an effective intro for your podcast. You should also be able to recognize the intro templates for any podcast that you listen to.

As always, if you have any questions regarding how to effectively write an introduction or an opening to a podcast, then feel free to email me at

What is the intro to your favorite podcast? Does include some of the elements that I have discussed today?

My favorite has to be the intro to Happier with Gretchen Rubin. It is fun, straight to the point, and manages to mention and explain what the podcast is about in a few seconds.

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