How to Promote Your Podcast?

Dear future/ up and coming podcasters, have you been working so hard creating content for your new podcast, but you are worried that no one is going to listen to it because you do not know how to promote it? Well, today, I am going to show you a couple of ways to promote your podcast.

So, how can you promote your new podcast?

There are many ways that you can utilize to promote your podcast. You can pay to have ads on podcasts that are in the same niche as you by using the Overcast app, you can create an email list to stay in contact with your audience, and you can use Pat Flynn’s Ninja podcast marketing strategy.

I will go into all of these three methods in detail and even discuss two other podcast marketing strategies, so make sure you continue reading this blog post.

How to promote your podcast?

Promoting your new podcast could be hard, especially if you have never done it before. Where do you start, and which methods are worth investing time and money? These are all important questions that you should invest time in discovering their answers.

In a world where timing and marketing are everything ( when it comes to great content, of course), one must do enough research on podcast marketing to be able to promote their podcasts. That is why I have decided to write this post.

I am going to show you five different ways to promote your podcast, which is going to benefit your podcast and your knowledge regarding the podcast marketing world.

This is going to make your life so much easier when you start researching and reading about more ways that you can use to promote your podcast.

By the way, these five marketing ways that I am going to discuss in today’s post do not include the act of distributing your podcast on all of the popular podcasting platforms. I am considering that this something you have already done.

If you do not know how to upload your podcast on Apple Podcasts, then check out my How to Publish A Podcast on Apple Podcasts blog post.

How to Publish A Podcast on Apple Podcasts?

If you do not know how to upload your podcast on Spotify, then check out my How to Publish A Podcast on Spotify blog post.

How to Publish A Podcast on Spotify?

Please note that if your podcast is not providing your audience with something valuable, whether it is entertainment or knowledge, then all of the marketing in the world is not going to make your podcast successful.

In today’s post, I will explain five different ways that you can use to promote your podcast. These five methods are:

  1. Using the Overcast application
  2. Using Pat Flynn’s Ninja podcast marketing strategy
  3. Having an email list for your podcast
  4. Using Instagram ( I will discuss a very unique tool)
  5. Having a site for your podcast

Without any further ado, let us start talking about these five podcast marketing strategies.

Method No. One: Using the Overcast application

Overcast is an iOS application that you can download don your iPhone or iPad that allows users to download and listen to their favorite podcasts. It is considered to be a podcasting platform that is similar to Spotify.

Surprisingly, it is not so different from Apple Podcasts. If your podcast is on Apple Podcasts, then your podcast will appear on Overcast because Apple Podcasts and Overcast are not two different podcasting platforms.

If you do not have your podcast on Apple Podcasts ( which I highly recommend that you do that), then do not worry. You can still have your podcast on Overcast via your podcast’s RSS Feed. You can get your podcast’s RSS Feed URL from the podcast hosting site that you are using.

The term RSS stands for really simple syndication, and it is a file format that carries your show’s information that can be read by many different programs. Without an RSS Feed, distributing your podcast on different podcasting platforms is going to be a time consuming, tedious task.

But having your podcast on Overcast as another podcasting platform is not why I am talking about this application.

As I have mentioned previously, you will automatically have your podcast on Overcast if it is on Apple Podcasts. So why would this podcasting platform be in my five ways to promote your podcast list?

Because it offers a unique service that could make Facebook Ads a bit jealous; the service I am talking about is offering Ad services for podcasters.

One might think that Facebook is a bigger platform than Overcast, and I absolutely agree with that. So, how come am I saying that the advertising services on Overcast are better than the ones offered by Facebook?

Well, Overcast allows you to advertise your podcast during other podcasts that are in your niche.

This means that you are targeting the exact audience that you want to follow you, on the type of platform that you are running content on (podcasting platform), in the content format that they are currently consuming! It honestly can’t get better than that!

In my opinion, even facebook can not compete with that. I am not saying that Facebook Ads are invaluable to podcasters; I am just thinking about how the people are going to engage with the advertisement.

For example, let us say that someone wants to promote their YouTube channel to gain more subscribers.

So they decide to run Ads on YouTube, where their video Ad is going to placed on videos that are related to what the watcher regularly enjoys watching on YouTube, or it is related to the video that they are currently viewing.

They also run some Ads on Facebook that targets people who are interested in the theme that they’re making videos on.

Which one can they expect to get more subscribers from? They will get a lot of views from both, but who is more likely to subscribe?

I think the answer would be people who are on the YouTube application because it is easier and less time consuming to do that when they are on the same platform as the advertised content.

Let us go back to Overcast. If you want to run Ads for your scientific podcast, then you can pay to have your Ads be placed in the Science and Education categories. This way, when someone is listening to a podcast that is in either of these categories, an Ad for your podcast may be viewed.

These targeted Ads appear beneath the controls on the Now Playing screen as well as in the Add Podcast directory, allowing people who are passionate about the niche that you are creating content in to subscribe to you with a single tap!

How to Promote Your Podcast- Overcast Ad placement prices

How much does purchasing a targeted Ad placement on Overcast cost?

The cost of your targeted Ad depends on how many podcasting categorizes do you want to run your Ads in and how long do you want your advertising campaign to last.

Overcast only offers cost per thirty days per category, so you will be able to run Ads for your podcast for thirty days for a specified amount of US dollars.

The price you pay for the thirty day Ad campaign depends on the podcasting category you choose. Here is the chart for that:

How to Promote Your Podcast- Overcast Ad placement prices
How to Promote Your Podcast- Overcast Ad placement prices

As you can see, the prices vary significantly from one podcast category to another, and they only offer a certain number of slots for each category, that is why some slots are sold out.

Please note that these prices and the quantity of slots available change and increase may change at any time and that the prices adjust according to demand.

For example, when a slot for a specific category is purchased, the price of the remaining slots in the same category automatically increases.

On the other hand, if the slots for a certain category remain stagnant for two days, the price of the slots will decrease until someone purchases a slot from that podcast category.

When it comes to the number of slots, Overcast states that the Ad slots for podcast categories that are sold out will increase with time.

It is evident that the business model for this advertisement service is based on the demand; it is a valuable podcast marketing tool nevertheless.

To learn more about Overcast, check out their podcast here

Method No. Two: Using Pat Flynn’s Ninja podcast marketing strategy

I am not sure if Pat came up with this marketing strategy on his own, but I am pretty sure that he popularized it.

If you do not know who Pat Flynn is, then I highly recommend that you subscribe to his Podcast and YouTube channel because he has been one of my trusted sources that I always go to learn more about podcasting.

He also has a website that shares the same name as his podcast, which is Smart Passive Income. I have been listening to his podcast for more than I year before I have decided my journey to researching and understand the world of podcasting. 

How to Promote Your Podcast- Smart Passive Income

That is why I find it very ironic that I am finally talking about him in my podcasting diaries. Now that I have introduced Pat Flynn, let us talk about his Ninja strategy that can help you market your podcast. This strategy can be divided into five steps. These six steps are:

  1. Search for an Active forum or a Facebook group that is in your niche
  2.  Contact the owner of the forum or the Facebook Group
  3. Interview the owner of the group
  4.  Publish your interview with the owner of the group
  5. Send the group’s owner a thank you message that includes the link to your interview with them

Step one: Search for an Active forum or a Facebook group that is in your niche

If you want to find a forum that is in your niche, all you have to do is go on Google and type forum: “Insert your keyword”.

For example, if your podcast is in the self-help niche, then type in Google forum: self-help and hit the enter button. Google’s search results will show you a lot of forums that are related to your niche.

If you are searching for a facebook group, open facebook and type Groups Names ” Insert keyword”. So, you can type in group Named “Self-help.”

Try to join forums and groups that are big and active and try to interact on the group or forum a couple of times before you proceed with the next step.

Step two: Contact the owner of the forum or the Facebook Group

Searching for the owner of the forum is not as easy as finding the owner of a Facebook group. You will have to search for it, but you will usually be able to find a contact button somewhere on the form page.

Another way to find the admin is to scroll through discussions and look for the person who has the word Administrator or Admin under their name.

Finding the admin of a Facebook group is easier. Just click on the word ” Members”, and click on the word “Admin” in the drop-down tab that appears.

How to Promote Your Podcast- Forums and Facebook Groups

PS: Just because someone is the admin of a page, it does not mean that they are the owner of that page, group, or forum. However, they definitely know who the owner is, and they could help you get in contact with the owner.

Step three: Interview the Owner of the group

Invite the owner of the group for an interview on your podcast. You should know that when you are inviting someone for an interview that this should be beneficial for both of you.

When you approach them, you should be offering them something as well. If you have a book or an online course on self-help, then offer to run a contest on the forum or the group, and the five winners will either get free books or free passes to your online course.

A part of the interview should be about the group’s owner journey that led them to start this forum or group. Asking them to shout out some of the most active members is also a great way of appreciating the person you are interviewing.

Step Four: Publish your Interview with the owner of the group

Edit and publish your podcast.

Step Five: Send the group’s admin a thank you message that includes the link to your interview with them

When the episode goes live, make sure you send the owner of the forum or Facebook group a message to thank them for being a guest on your podcast and of course, do not forget to share with them the link to that episode.

How to Promote Your Podcast

The owner will then share it in their group or forum, which is going to make a lot of the members engage with the post and thus listen and possibly subscribe to your podcast.

Do you see how amazing this marketing technique is?

Method No. Three: Having an email list for your podcast

I have decided to focus on email marketing rather than social media marketing today, although I will be talking about Instagram in the next method, for a very good reason.

In the long run, having an email list is more powerful than just focusing on social media. Of course, you should do both, but if you are going to focus on doing one thing for the time being, then I highly recommend that you built an email list for your podcast.


I know that this might sound weird, especially since we live in a time where influencers are considered to be one of the most powerful tools that you could ever use.

However, I am not talking about running advertisements. If I were, then advertising your podcast using Instagram influencers is definitely more effective than running ads in emails ( although I have never seen Instagram influencers promoting a podcast before).

Anyway, what I am talking about is having a following. You could have five thousand followers on Twitter and Instagram, but your tweets and photos barely get fifty likes ( or hearts).

When it comes to social media platforms, you are under the mercy of the ever-changing algorithms. This means that even the people who are following you might not see your tweets or photos on their feed due to the algorithm.

How to Promote Your Podcast- Someone sending an email

However, with an email list, everything thing you send will end up in your subscriber’s Inbox. They might not, but usually podcast listeners who subscribe to a podcaster’s email list are very passionate, so they often read the majority of the emails you send.

If you want me to dive deeper into email marketing for podcasts, then feel free to email me at

Method No. Four: Using Instagram ( I will discuss a very unique tool)

I know it might seem a bit contradictory to talk about Instagram after why I said in method number three, but you can always do both. The tool I am going to talk about today is something that I have mentioned in my How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting Site blog post.

How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting Site?

If you need help with choosing the perfect podcast hosting site for you, then feel free to check out my recommendations for the best podcast hosting sites.

The tool or the feature that I am talking about is something that the podcast hosting site ( Simplecast) provides to their users. The tool or feature that I am talking about is their Recast Tool.

The Recast tool is, in my opinion, a marvelous tool that allows you to schedule and share certain clips of your podcast on social media. One podcast that frequently uses this tool is  The Pilot Podcast.

I believe that a short snippet of your podcast is more engaging than just an image of what the episode is going to be about. It is going to give people a significant insight into your intellect, your tone of voice, and what you can offer them in exchange for their time.

I know that this is not going to benefit everyone because this tool is for podcasters who host their podcasts on Simplecast. However, you can take this concept and do it yourself.

Do not to view features that you can not have as missed opportunities, because they are actually a marketing idea that you can explore and achieve yourself in many other ways.

Method No. Five: Having a site for your podcast

Finally but not least, let us talk about the last podcast marketing method that we are going to discuss today.

Although many people do not see the point of having a website for their podcast, it is actually an excellent way to promote your podcast.

Did you know that about twenty-five percent of people who listen to podcasts play the episode’s on the show’s website? That is a massive amount of people who are listening to your podcast, so why miss out on the extra podcast listens or streams.

People who listen to podcasts on the show’s websites find it easier to do that than to listen to a podcast in a podcasting application. According to Jack, his father only listens to podcasts on websites because it is easier. 

Another reason why you should have a website for your show is to have a place where you offer bonus content for your audience like free spreadsheets and checklists. 

Other Questions related to how to promote your podcast

How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting Site?

If you are interested in picking a podcast hosting platform that suits your business and podcast best, then you should have the answers to the following questions.

  1. What is your budget?
  2. How much storage space does your business and podcast needs?
  3. How much bandwidth does your business and podcast needs?
  4. Do you want easy monetization features and tools?
  5. Are you interested in integrating your podcast in blog posts or have a WordPress site for it?
  6. Do you want to have access to your podcast’s analytics?
  7. Do you need multiple admins to be able to acesss your podcast’s hosting site?

To learn about this topic in detail, read my How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting Site blog post.

Can my podcast appear in Google’s search results?

Google is currently striving towards making audio content a first-class citizen on Google’s firsts reach results page. Right now, podcasts can appear on the first page of Google’s search results. Just go ahead and search for a podcast’s name on Google. You will see a banner on Google’s search results page (SERP) called “Podcasts” that has some episodes that you can listen to thanks to Google Podcasts.

To learn why and how your podcast can be featured on the first page of Google’s search results, then check out my Can My Podcast Appear in Google’s Search Results blog post.

How to Publish A Podcast on Spotify?

If you want to submit your podcast to Spotify, you will have to visit the Spotify for Podcasters site to create a Spotify account or log in. Next, you will click on the “Get Started” button that is on the “Add your podcast” page, read all of the terms and contains, and write your legal name. Then, you are going to paste your podcast’s RSS feed and click “Next”.

If you want to learn about this in more detail, then make sure you check out my How to Publish A Podcast on Spotify blog post for an easy step by step guide that you can follow and implement.

How to Publish A Podcast on Apple Podcasts

To submit your podcast on Apple Podcasts, the number one podcasting platform at the moment, then your going to need your podcast’s RSS feed. You can get the RSS Feed URL from your podcast’s hosting site. Your podcast must have a covert photo that is 1600 x 1600 pixels.

To read about this in more detail, make sure you check out my How to Publish A Podcast on Apple Podcasts blog post.

What are some of the best podcasting practices

Some of the best podcasting practices include the following: 

  1. Being prepared 
  2. Being consistent
  3. Keeping the audience’s experience in mind 
  4. Getting a podcasting host 
  5. Creating content that is informative and fluff-free
  6. Editing the audio of your podcast
  7. Optimizing the podcast

If you want to learn more about these seven practices, then check out my 7 Podcasting Best Practices blog post.

How to write an effective introduction/ opening for your podcast?

Writing an effective intro or opening for your podcast is not hard. All you have to do is keep it brief, simple, and short. You have to introduce yourself and your co-hosts, mention the topic that you are going to discuss during this episode, and briefly explain what your podcast in general is all about.

To learn about this in more detail, read my How to Write An Effective Podcast Intro blog post.

That’s it for today’s post. You should now know how to market and promote your podcast in five different ways. If you have any questions regarding this topic, then feel free to email me at

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