How to Pitch Your Podcast?

Dear future/ up and coming podcasters, you might be looking for some tips on how you can pitch your podcast, so this what I am going to be answering today.

So, how can you pitch your podcast?

Before you pitch your podcast, you should have a podcast press kit. Once you have that, you can pitch your podcast. Make sure that your pitch is simple, relevant, and personal.

If you want to learn more about how you pitch your podcast and what a podcast press kit is, and how you can make one, then make sure that you continue reading this blog post.

How to pitch your podcast?

In order to be able to pitch your podcast to publications, you need to have a press kit for your podcast. But what is a podcast press kit, and why is it important, and how can you make one for your podcast?

How to Pitch Your Podcast?

What is a podcast press kit?

A press kit is basically a diligent and well-calculated method for you to swiftly share a direct link with someone who can move your show farther than where you currently are by introducing a new audience to your podcast.

It makes it easier for someone who has not heard about your podcast to be introduced to it in a very simple way.

Okay, but why does your podcast need a podcast press kit?

Why do you need to have a podcast press kit for your show?

Having a podcast press kit allows you to submit your podcast for publications. If you manage to get an article written about your podcast, you might have a new audience being introduced to your podcast.

That is why you must include your best episodes in your press kit to guide them on what they should listen to first. That way, you control their first taste test of your show, and you get the advantage of controlling what they listen to instead of letting them pick whatever.

Podcast press kits must be updated frequently as well because it is like encapsulating a targeted opportunity, and that is going to change over time.

What should you include in a podcast press kit?

To make a good podcast press kit, you should explain what your show is about, give some background about the people producing the podcast, include positive testimonials and reviews, using images that are high in resolution, and recommending two to three episodes that you highly recommend people to start with.

Start by describing your show

Your podcast press kit’s first sentence should be a brief yet captivating description of what your show is all about.

Follow up the first sentence with a couple of sentences where you elaborate a bit my describing and discussing your podcast’s genre, style, and what is to be expected when someone listens to your podcast.

Build the reader’s excitement and make them want to click on the episodes that you are going to add, which I will discuss very soon in this post.

Give the reader some background information

Your podcast’s press kit should also include some background information regarding the team behind the podcast. Including information like those people’s names, where they are from, what their roles are, and why everyone came together to start this podcast is highly recommended.

Include a few positive testimonials and reviews

Including a few positive testimonials and reviews of your podcast could make the reader want to check out your podcast even more because you are kind of creating good buzz when you Include a few positive testimonials and reviews.

Add some images that have high resolution

Your podcast press kit should also include your show’s cover art in high resolution. You can make the press kit more unique and personal by adding the images of the people who work on the podcast.

Select two to three of your best episodes

What’s great about having a podcast press kit is the fact that you control how your new listener is going to get introduced to your show. So make sure to select the best episodes.

Make sure to add show links that work on iOS, Android, and web

Finally, but not least, make sure that the episode links that you add to your podcast press kit work on iOS, Android, and web to make it easy for the reader to start listening to your episodes.

What to do after preparing your podcast press kit?

Now that your podcast press kit is ready, it is time to work on your pitch.

Make it simple

Always be brief and straightforward when pitching your podcast. Of course, introduce yourself, your podcast, why you are contacting this publication specifically, and of course, thank them for taking the time to read your pitch and for their consideration.

This is probably going to be your first interaction with the publication or writer, so we want to make a positive and an impressionable one. You can make a good impression if you reference any of the publication’s or writer’s previous work.

Always make it personal

Always remember to customize your pitch according to the publication’s or writer’s work. To make it personal, you will have to do a bit of research, but it will pay off.

Why? Well, by personalizing your pitch, you will be able to identify how your podcast and the publication that you are submitting to are a perfect fit. Personalization often leads to higher engagement.

For example, if you run a self-help podcast, then a publication that focuses only on drama shows would be a mismatch. On the other hand, submitting your pitch to a publication that is interested in well being would be perfect!

Who can you pitch your podcast to?

There are three major groups whom you should pitch your podcast to. They are the following:

  1. People who write about all things related to podcasts
  2. Any local media, like a local magazine or a local newspaper for a community feature
  3. Other podcasters or bloggers who talk about topics that are in the same niche as yours

Here is the list of publications that you can pitch your podcast to that was collected by Radio Public.

The following list publications only focus on audio drama:

  • AudioDramaRama
  • Radio Drama Revival
  • The Fiction Podcast Weekly Newsletter
  • Audio Drama Reviews
  • The Podcast Dragon

The following list publications highlight all kinds of podcasts:

  • Audible Feast
  • Wil Williams Reviews
  • Bello Collective
  • The Recast
  • Constant Listener
  • Promote the Podcasts
  • Discover Pods
  • The Pod Report
  • Elena Fern├índez-Collins Reviews
  • Podnews
  • Hurt Your Brain
  • Podcast Gumbo
  • Inside Podcasting
  • Podcast Delivery
  • The New York Times’s Critic’s Notebook

If you need help with choosing some new pieces of equipment for your podcast, then feel free to check out my recommendations for podcasting equipment.

Other questions related to how to pitch your podcast

How do you pitch a podcast on Spotify?

To pitch a podcast on Spotify, follow these six steps:

  • Step one: Visit Spotify for podcasters.
  • Step two: Create an account on Spotify for podcasters.
  • Step three: Click get started that is on the “Add your podcast” page, read the terms and conditions, and sign by typing your legal name.
  • Step four: Add your podcast’s RSS Feed.
  • Step six: Click next.

To get your podcast on Spotify, make sure that you read my How to Publish A Podcast on Spotify blog post.

How to Submit Your Podcast to Pandora?

To pitch your podcast to Spotify, follow these four steps:

  • Step one: Go to Pandora AMP.
  • Step two: Register for a new Pandora AMP account or log in.
  • Step three: Make sure that you meet all of their requirements, like making sure that your podcast’s cover art is 3000 x 3000 pixels in .png or .jpeg, not explicit, and original.
  • Step four: Insert your podcast’s RSS URL feed.

If you want to follow a step-by-step guide on how to pitch your podcast to Pandora, then make sure that you check out my How to Submit Your Podcast to Pandora: A Step-by-Step Guide blog post.

What are the requirements needed to pitch a podcast to Apple Podcasts?

Two major requirements to have your podcast on Apple Podcasts are:

  • Step one: Go to your podcast’s hosting site and get its RSS URL feed link from it
  • Step two: Making sure that your podcast’s cover art is at least 1600 x 1600 pixels, but preferably and at most 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Do you want to learn about all of the requirements that you need to meet before you pitch your podcast to Apple Podcasts? Then go ahead and read my How to Publish A Podcast on Apple Podcasts blog post.

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience?

A few things that you can do to grow your podcast’s audience include the following:

  1. Appealing to your Audience
  2. Improving the quality of your podcast
  3. Utilizing the features that the podcast hosting site provides you
  4. Asking your listeners to rate your podcast and leave honest reviews
  5. Using Pat Flynn’s Ninja podcast marketing strategy

learn about how you can grow your podcast’s audience by reading my How to Grow Your Podcast Audience blog post.

That’s it for today’s post. You should now know how to pitch your podcast to a publication. You need to have a podcast press kit and use the tips that I have mentioned in this post, which included the following:

  1. Keeping your pitch simple
  2. And making your pitch personal

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