How Long Should The Podcast Intro Music Be?

Dear future/ up and coming podcasters, introductions are your golden tickets to securing your new listeners. But should your intro include music or not? If yes, how long should a music intro be?

So, how long should a music intro be?

Even though there is not a formula for the length of your podcast’s intro music, intros are usually under thirty seconds long. You should keep your intro music between 15 and 30-seconds long.

In today’s post, I am going to discuss the music in the intro. I will be answering the following questions: how long they should be and where to get them from.

I will also observe how one of my favorite podcasts use music in their intros. So if you are interested in knowing the answers to such questions and checking out some case studies, then continue reading this blog post.

How long should the music in a podcast intro be?

A length of a podcast’s intro is typically between fifteen and thirty seconds (15-0 seconds). Some podcasts even have intros that are around a minute long.

If you run a YouTube channel, or you are familiar with have YouTube works, then you know that you tubers get less time than that to give the viewer a reason to continue watching the video.

A drawing of someone listening to music using headphones

YouTubers only get a very short window of eight seconds (8 seconds) to convince the viewer to say. Podcasters, on the other hand, get around double and triple that duration.

Now that you know that your podcast’s intro should be between fifteen and thirty seconds long, you have a limit for how long your music is going to play during the intro.

There are no wrong answers when it comes to answering this question. Some podcasts do not use any music at all, so whether you play music in the background during your entire intro or just play it during the first few seconds, you are not doing anything wrong!

Where can I get music for my podcast’s intro?

One thing that you should be careful about while playing music in your intro or any other segment of your podcast is that you only use music that is either public domain, royalty-free, or are under creative commons license. Copyrights are important and should not be overlooked.

Where to legally get music for your podcast?

To learn about what each of these terms means in detail, I highly recommend that you read my Where to Legally Get Music for Your Podcast blog post.

Check out my recommended podcast media sites to find out what is the best royalty-free music site that you can use to get customized intro and outro music.

What is public domain music, and where can I get it from?

The term public domain is used to represent creative works that currently no one has any rights to them. So public domain music is musical tracks that no one has any copyrights to them. This means that you can use them for free in your podcast and you do not have pay for anything.

I am going to share with you two music sites that have public domain music. They are:

  1. ( ) The Free Music Archive site
  2. ( The Free Public Domain site

What is royalty-free music, and where can I get it from?

Unlike public domain music, you have to pay for royalty-free music. Depending on the track and the site that you are using, you might have to pay for it once, or you will pay for it on a monthly or a yearly basis.

I am going to share with you five different sites that you can check out for some royalty-free tunes for your podcast. They are:

  1. Jamendo (
  2. Machinima Sound (
  3. Foximusic (
  4. Tim Beak ( 
  5. Audio Jungle (

What is creative commons license music, and where can I get it from?

Using music that is under the creative commons license is freer than using a royalty-free track, yet more complicated than using a public domain track.

How Long Should Podcast Intro Music Be- Creative Commons License


Because you can you the track for free, but credit the artist and do whatever conditions that the original creator sets.

The three following music sites are going to provide you with tracks that are under the Creative Commons license ( CC license) that you can use for your podcast for free.

  1. Silverman Sounds Studio (
  2. Tim Beak (
  3. Audio Nautix (

Music intro in podcasts case study

If you are not new to this site, then you know how much I love listening to Happier with Gretchen Rubin. If you are new, hello! I love HWGR so much.

This podcast starts with one of the most upbeat tunes that I have ever heard, but how long does it last and how long is the intro in general? Let us conduct a mini case study!

The intro’s for a regular episode is around fifty seconds, which is more than the average, but it is still under a minute.

Throughout the entire intro, the music is playing in the background. During the intro, Gretchen takes a break from speaking that lasts for about five seconds.

In those five seconds, the music becomes louder and more prominent until Gretchen begins speaking again. At that moment, it returns to being background music.

There are endless ways for you to incorporate music into your intro’s, so do not be afraid of experimenting. I am sure that you will end finding the perfect recipe for your podcast.

Other Questions related to how long should a podcast intro be

How to Write An Effective Podcast Intro

There are a few things that you should talk about in your intro to make it effective. You should mention what this podcast is all about, introduce today’s topic in a captivating way, and introduce yourself and your co-host. You should keep the intro brief and interesting,

If you want to learn how you can write an effective podcast intro, then make sure you check my How to Write An Effective Podcast Intro blog post.

Where to Legally Get Music for Your Podcast

A few sites that you can check out to get tunes that you can legally play on your podcast include The Free Music Archive and The Audio Jungle.

For music site recommendations and to learn more about copyrights, click here.

Can I use music from the billboard top 100 in my podcast?

No! You can not use any music that is on the billboard top 100 because these songs are copyrighted. You are not even allowed to play a few seconds of any of these songs in your podcast.

That’s it for today’s post. You should now have a clear idea of how long your podcast’s intro and the music used in your podcast’s intro should be.

There is not a direct answer to this, but you can always do a case study and observe what the big podcasts in your podcasting category are doing to help figure outwit to do.

If you still have any questions regarding how long should the music play in your podcast’s intro be, then feel free to email me at

Do you run your own podcast? If you do, do you incorporate any music in the intro? If yes, feel free to share with us what type of music you are using, where you got it from, and how long does it play in the intro by emailing me at

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