Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

Dear future/ up and coming podcasters, many people are wondering if they could start their podcasting journey with nothing but an iPhone. But is that even possible? Could something that could bring so much monumental value to both the listener and the creator be made from one device?

So, can you make a podcast with just your iPhone? Yes, you can record your podcast on your phone, edit it, and even upload it by just using your iPhone. Having one device that you can utilize to produce and upload episodes is so convenient and great for newbies and people who are super busy.

It is of course super important to later on move to using a microphone and and audio editing software so you can expand your mastery levels of these important skills and to be able to provide a better experience for your listeners.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

You can easily create a podcast with nothing but your iPhone by finding the correct Apps to use. You will have to look for a decent audio recorder that you can upload to your phone’s audio editor. Then you will have to export it to your podcast’s host.

If you need help with choosing the perfect podcast hosting site for you, then feel free to check out my recommendations for the best podcast hosting sites.

That might sound like too much; however, it is doable! But, I have found a single app that you can use it to do all of that in it; that is the Anchor App! The creators of the Anchor App claim that their podcasting App and platform is the easiest way for podcasters to create and share podcasts.

I am not going to lie, from what I have read and seen about this App so far, it sounds too good to be true. So, I have decided to download the App and take you on a journey with me as I explore this application. I am going to create an account record a short clip, edit it, and perhaps even publish it.

By the way, Anchor is available for both IOS and Android, so anyone can benefit from this mini experience.

Without any further ado, let us get into using the Anchor App. First, I am going to download it from the App store.

Please note that this blog post is not sponsored by Anchor.

I just discovered it while I was doing my research and realized how beneficial it could be for people who want to test the waters of having a podcast, or for people who are a bit intimated by the different steps that they should follow to run a podcast properly.

The Anchor platform is basically like YouTube, but for podcasts. It is free, and it does a lot of things for you. I will, later on, explain it’s pros and cons, but let’s get into learning how to use this podcasting App.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

Now that the App is downloaded, let us open it and begin exploring the App. Questions we want to answer include the following:

  1. Is the App easy to use?
  2. Is it efficient ?
  3. Does it do what it claims to do; aka, allows us to record, edit, and publish our podcasts?

How to create an account on Anchor?

Anchor allows users to sign up with two methods only. Those methods are through using your Facebook account, or with your email.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

I decided to use my email. I only had to type my name, email, and password to able to start exploring the application.

I was taken to a purple page on the App that has four rectangular tabs on it. The first is for creating a new podcast, the second is to learn more about podcasting, the third to move an existing podcast to Anchor, and the last is to listen to podcasts.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

We came to this platform to create a new podcast, so I tapped on the first rectangular, red bar that has the picture of a microphone and has ” I want to make a new podcast” written on it.

First, I was asked if I wanted to receive notifications from Anchor, to which I said no because I don’t like notifications to distract from my work, life, etc.

Feel free to either turn on or off the notification. I personally open the important apps a couple of time per day to avoid getting distracted by notifications, but you should do what you are used to doing.

Anyway, I was then redirected to a page on the app that has four, simple, guiding tips showed up to help me with starting my podcast.


How to start a Podcast on Anchor in four simple steps

The first one states the obvious, which is to record and import the audio that you are going to use.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

Note how they also mentioned importing audio? This is great because once you get over the “starting a new project” fears and humps, you can move on to mastering proper audio recording and editing skills. However, we’re only going to test the recording feature today.

The second step shows us that we can an episode to made of multiple segments played together as one.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

A segment could allow to record up to an hour worth of content, so if your episode is gaining to be longer than that. Just record it as another segment then add both segments in the correct order to the new episode you want to upload.

Step three is what is going to surprise all of you like how it surprised me.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

You can actually distribute your podcast on different podcasting platforms like Apple’s Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play music.

I am not going to publish the mini-episode I create to test Anchor on all of these platforms cause that would just be a bit embarrassing. However, whenever I am ready to launch my official podcast, I am definitely going to take you through every single step.

But, I will leave that mini-episode on Anchor only so you can check it out.

Step four is publishing the podcast and eating for people to find it and listen to it.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

Now that we know the four steps to uploading a podcast on Anchor and other podcasting platforms, let us start recording that short episode.


How to record your audio on Anchor?

Now, let us record a segment. To do so, just click on the plus sign in the purple circle.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

Press on the record button, speak your heart out, then press the X that is going tome in the same place as the record button.

You can delete your segment and record another one if you feel like you messed up a lot throughout the segment, or just fix it in the editing phase.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

If you decide to keep it, click on the save button and wait until your segment is fully processed.

Can I Make A Podcast with My iPhone

I have logged into the desktop version of the application to get you a link of the raw footage, so if you want to compare the audio before and after the editing, then listen to it here (Raw audio).

Next, we’ll start editing the audio!


How to edit your podcast on Anchor?

When the segment is fully uploaded, you will see three dots next to the uploaded segment. If you click on it, you have some options to choose from like trimming your segment’s start and endpoint, editing the audio, adding background music, renaming the segment, or deleting it.

I started by trimming the silence in the beginning of the segment and removed a sentence from the end. Here is how that is going to look like.

If you click on Trim start/ end points, then this is what your screen is going to look like.

The picture above is the audio untouched, while picture below is where I have changed the segment’s start time.

I pressed save and moved on to editing the audio. To do that, just press on the three dots again but click on edit audio this time.

You basically work by splitting the audio, saving it, then removing the split and unwanted segments from the dashboard.

This was my final product. The segments might separate, but since they’re still in the same episode, Anchor is going to play them as if they’re one, synced audio file!

Now that the editing portion is over, let us move on to creating an artwork for our episode and podcast, and make the episode go public.


How to upload the podcast to the internet

The next thing we will have to do is add the episode’s title and description. You can even customize the thumbnail of the episode, which episode it is, and which season it is in.

The photo next to it is what the dashboard should look like at the end. But don’t worry! I will take through the remains steps.

Next, I described what the podcast is about and added tags to the episode that I am going to upload.

Next, I chose an image and played with the tex’s format.

We’re finally done setting up our podcasts. Anchor is going to ask if you want to make your podcast available on the major podcasting platforms. If you do ( and you should), then click on Great, thanks.

Because I am just testing the app, I pressed on the second button, which means that my podcast is going be available on Anchor only.

The second image shows you an overview of the episode the you have just published.

The last thing that you are going to do is go to the podcast settings and turn off the Anchor logo and post-roll in episodes.

By doing so, you’re ensuring that there won’t be any Anchor watermarks or Anchor related Ads being played to your audience

You can listen to the edited and published episode on Anchor here!

Recall the three questions I mentioned earlier in this blog post?

  1. Is the App easy to use?
  2. Is it efficient?
  3. Does it do what it claims to do; aka, allows us to record, edit, and publish our podcasts?

From what I have seen and experienced so far, the answer is yes to all three questions.


Other Questions related to can I make a podcast with my iPhone?

What are some downsides to the Anchor App?

Like YouTubers, Anchor podcasters don’t own their work. This means that Anchor could decided to remove and hide some of your episodes if they wanted to.

How can I make a podcast with my Android phone?

You can use the App Anchor to record your podcast, edit it, and also upload it on several podcasting platforms from your android phone. It is a free application that is available for both IOS and Android.


That’s it for today’s post. You should now know how to start a podcast using nothing but your phone. If you end starting your podcast on Anchor, then email me a link to your podcast, and I will listen to it and share it on the blog.

Feel free to also email me at if you have any questions regarding today’s topic.

Till next time,


Ayah Assem

I am a creator and a consumer of many forms of artistic content. With podcasting leaving its mark and declaring its significance in the current content world, I have decided to learn everything related to how to create a podcast. Who knows, maybe in the near future I will start uploading and sharing my creative work in the audio format. Join me on my journey of understanding the podcasting world, as I will be sharing with you all of the information that I am going to learn. Feel free to share with me your podcasting journey at and keep an eye on all of the music, books, podcasts, movies, tv shows, and YouTube channels that I always reference.

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